Elliot - West H

Elliot came to the Choices programme through West House, having established himself at Grow West as a volunteer. Elliot wished to find employment in the gardening sector after developing his skills at Grow West specifically on the Gardening services.

To enable Scott and Kenny (from West House) to develop trust with Elliot they initially placed him on market stalls selling Grow West plants and vegetables and promoting Choices and its work. Within one month Elliot had gained trust in Scott and Kenny and they introduced Elliot to a family Gardening services firm (Capricorn Garden Services Limited).

We supported Elliot on site for two months before he became independent within his voluntary placement. Both Capricorn services and Elliot along with his family built a strong relationship and Elliot became a paid member of staff and continues to work with Capricorn Gardening Services.

Elliot said “I really enjoy my work at Capricorn Garden Services. I work 2 days a week with them and we do a variety of different jobs which I enjoy.”