CYA Courses

Our programme participants with Cumbria Youth Alliance have had the opportunity to enjoy some online learning through E-Learning Embrace Modules. The learning modules have been set up to help our young people look at a variety of topics including gaining a better understanding of mental health and how this impacts on people’s lives, what ideas and problem solving techniques could be learned and utilised, as well as a wide range of training which will improve their chances of gaining employment or moving into a course of education.

Some of the feedback has included statements like these:

Bethany – “It was interesting and informative”

Shauna – “Helped me with some of my mental health, really good and wanting to do more”

Stefan – “Did not know the help and support that was out there”

Stacey – “found it interesting and it’s making me think more positively”

Max – “Really good and helping me develop”

Angela – “Was really good, something already know but good to do”

Connie – “Helping me to keep a balance in life and move forward”