Charlotte, Chelsea, Sophie and Danielle - Cumbria Youth Alliance

Charlotte, Danielle, Chelsea and Sophie all joined the programme at different times, all four young women have been facing some difficult times, including anxiety issues and depression, with specialised support and help from their Keyworker, John all the girls are beginning to feel a lot more confident and ready to face the challenges the world has for them. One to one sessions at first meant the Keyworkers could get to know the girls individually understand their story and background to determine the best route to help them.

John quickly realised these girls would all benefit from a self-confidence, emotions and personal development course offered by Michelle at Groundwork. This has given the girls the ‘You Factor’ helping them become more motivated in realising their aspirations and goals for the future. They have identified some opportunities they would like to do including volunteering, self-defense classes, emotional resilience sessions and confidence building. With the help of Choices we will do all we can to make this possible. The girls have tried really hard in the past few month and they all deserve recognition and should be proud of what they are accomplishing.